6 Restaurants to visit in North West Delhi

It’s always a delight to visit restaurants with family. Sharing some quality time together, chatting, giggling are the things that we all should do whenever we are free. But the major problem is, we waste hours in deciding the best place to visit and in the end many of us just leave the idea of going out. So, let me make this easier for all the North West Delhiites (since I know this area better) .

Here’s a list of all the restaurant you should visit when you are in North West Delhi:

Lotus Leaf- Lotus Leaf, a multi cuisines fine dining restaurant and bar lounge is one of North Delhiā€™s most stylish family fine dining place, designed by internationally award winning architect Sumeet Nath- Lotus Leaf reinvents itself seamlessly from fine dining experience to a relaxing cabana lounge and a private dining space available to celebrate a special occasion.

Lotus Leaf Photos
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Metro Grill- Metro Grill is a pure vegetarian restaurant located at City Centre mall, Rohini , A familiar Indian menu is served with a selection of Chinese dishes at this modern restaurant. One must order Murgh Lababdar, Butter Chicken, Tomato Soup, Honey Chilli Potatoes, Dal Makhani here.

Metro Grill Photos
Picture Courtesy- Dineout

Pikwik- A Family Restaurant located in Pitampura. Their main Cuisines – Chinese, Mughlai, Continental and North Indian. Butter Chicken, Shahi Paneer, Biryani, Dal Makhani Pikwik, Dum Aloo Bhojpuri must be tried here.

Pikwik Photos
Picture Courtesy- Dineout

Mosaic- Mosaic is a Fine Dining restaurant located in Crowne Plaza. Mosaic offers various Continental, Italian, North Indian and Chinese cuisines. Every dish in their menu is of the finest taste and is served to diners after an all-day hard work that chefs put in. Mosaic also has a well-stocked bar and offers an elaborate breakfast buffet which is perfect for large groups. It is located in Rohini, North Delhi. They have huge number of best selling items like Bhuna Gosht, Tawa Masala Prawn, Griddle Tossed Prawns With Onion Tomato And Spices, Stir Fried Broccoli, Asparagus, Snow Peas With Black Bean Sauce and many more.

Mosaic Photos
Picture Courtesy- Dineout

Runway- Runway 1 has been specially designed to give a unique experience to all its customers. Runway 1 is a multi-cuisine restaurant set up inside an airplane to give you an experience of a lifetime. It can be a special date with your loved one or your anniversary, you just have to rush to Runway1 and have an unforgettable experience of dining on the wings of a real airplane. You can order from a wide variety of cuisine and food.

Runway1 Photos
Picture Courtesy- Dineout

Chaska Restaurant and Banquets- A restaurant for pure vegetarians, located in Pitampura since 1997, they serve best quality food with a special aroma of Indian Flavors. You will definitely get mesmerized by their ambience which has a capacity of around 250 people. They serve different food items of Indian, South Indian and Chinese Cuisine. The Specialties are Spring Roll, Butter Naan, Dal Makhani, Paneer Tikka, Noodle Soup, Masala Chaap Roll.

Picture Courtesy- Chaska Restaurant and Banquets

I think the major problem is solved now. So, what are you thinking, plan a visit to these restaurants and satisfy your taste buds in a classy way.

10 things only hostel life can teach you

The value of home food: All of us know that….In case we miss our meal, maggi acts as the ultimate savior. The claimed 2 minutes noodles is satisfying both our hunger and taste buds since years. But still there are times when we really miss home cooked food or should I say ‘Ma ke haath ka khana’. That is why the intensity of our tantrums decreases as soon as we join hostel.

Time Management: *Not literally* Sandwich in one hand ….running towards the class and then finishing half of the sandwich in a monster bite because obviously we are getting late for the lecture *professor might throw us out of the class* is the ultimate level of time management we learn while living a hostel life.

Accepting solitude: Remember those tough times?..when everyone was busy in their rooms and you were just sitting locked in your own room thinking how depressing life is and slowly you start accepting it and boom *maturity hits*.

How Important you are to your family: Ahh…that’s like the reward from your family for living in a hostel. You visit your home after so long and everyone is treats you like the king/queen of the house. ‘You want something, you get it on your ease without moving’…but sadly just for two days..after that you again become the adopted child of the family (giggles).

You get to know the tricks of cooking: Right from Boiling eggs in an electric kettle to making omelette on an iron machine (yeah, it really happens) we master in all the tricks (jugad).

Sneak peak in your own hostel: Got late from a party…now what to do?… just sneak in your own hostel..simple and easy for all the hoteliers

Sharing is caring: It is the type of sharing where you really don’t have any idea that when did you share your Belongings and don’t bother to give much of a damn because you know who took that. Roaming in the corridor, entering in someone’s room and finishing their snack is another type of sharing done only in the hostel.

Money management: Getting broke before the month end is just so common that everyone learns how to manage the last 100 bucks they are left with.

Looking after each other: Ever fell sick in hostel? if yes then you know the feeling of true friendship, when your friends take care of you as families. that’s why there’s a saying that hostel life gives you another family.

Having Fun: It may be possible that hostel life doesn’t teach you anything mentioned above…but this one..for sure. From leg pulling to night outs, you know how to enjoy life in every aspect.

Got Nostalgia? Then do tell me your hostel moments by commenting below.

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Top Reasons to join Branding/Advertising Agency

Comfortable Environment: The Moment you walk in the office, you will realize this fact. There’s a flow of positivism that you will notice. Everyone is so friendly….no fuss at all.


A Whole Arena of creativity: Idea development, innovation, creativity…everything is cherished here on an individual level. You got an idea? save it, as every point can be utilized any time. you get a whole new arena of creativity…so always be ready to expand your horizon.

No Pressure: As major work depends on the creative ideas and strategies so no one forces anyone to work in a very short span of time…because there’s no limitation or bounding on one’s thinking. So you get sufficient time to think, work and execute your plans.

yeah..you heard it right

Fun place of work: No need to ask the question…will the workplace be fun..because it is definitely going to be fun. You can take numbers of break if you aren’t getting any ideas…just ensure that you complete the assigned work before the deadline.


A day dedicated to game: You want entertainment at the place of work? well guess what…you get it. There’s a day dedicated to game in most of the branding/advertising agency. Some also have a policy of ‘half day work and half day fun’.


So, got in a mood to join Branding or an Advertising Agency?…go for it because you are not going to regret it.

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5 biggest lies they told us about college life

We all have been in a place where we were told to study well in our school time because “School k baad to aish hi aish hai”. All of us have fantasized about our college life as being the protagonist of all the mighty-righty happening around us, “Akhir hum sab apni life k hero hain”.

But how many of those sugar coated talks have came true after we finally got ready for our COLLEGE LIFE. Let’s do some “Doodh ka doodh and paani ka paani” (because we know the pain when Chan SE JO Toote Koi Sapna)

  1. The topper in the series “Bas 12th pass krle, fir to aish hi aish hai”: We are still searching for that ‘AISH’, while looking at the piles of assignment and projects still left. “Ek hota nahi dusra ajaata hai”.
kahan ho tum AISH…

2. And that “Arey, Attendance ka to koi panga hi nahi hai” is still hitting us hard. I had a major time problem in swallowing the fact that I need to maintain at least 60% attendance in my college (next to impossible for me). but what can we do now ‘Aakhir sach to kadwa hi hota hai’.

The voice of my heart….

3. Yeah like ” You’ll make your #friendsforlife in college” is true for everyone, well if it is then I guess I am not one of the lucky people. Found my college BUDDIES but still searching for my ‘VEERU’.


4. And how can we forget that statement from some scholars in our life “Bas likhdo, pass to ho hi jaoge”, god knows how many students got back in their exams, just because they wrote songs in their exam copies (probably took the advise literally).

and the reaction after getting the marks (#trustIssues)

5. Last but not the least, the famous “You’ll find your #soulmate in College” *HaHaHA*, admit that, we all have imagined this scene in our mind, where we meet our ‘soulmate’, our eyes shined, lips smiled and boom #loveforever…well certainly NOT THE CASE.

*crying in the corner*

So, from the next time if anybody tells you that college life is nothing besides fun like all those glittery and romantic bollywood movies…*you know what to do*….

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